Adding Value to Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

  • Cuonzo Martin, Head Coach, University of Tennessee Men's Basketball Team (2011-2014)

    "Chuck spoke about the qualities of a great leader. He doesn't just talk, he forces you to evaluate yourself and examine your strengths and weaknesses. His unique perspective on vision, credibility, and creating a culture of greatness would benefit anyone in a leadership position."

  • Lauren Blackwell, ORNL

    "As an invited keynote speaker to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Mentoring Program, Chuck established an excellent tone for the program. His commitment to service for others and helping those find their path truly shines through, and it inspires others to do the same."

  • Danny McCreary, NREMT-P

    "Sometimes being in a leadership role you will become stagnate. Chuck will help you create new ideas, setgoals, and lay out a plan to accomplish them. No matter what area you would like to grow in Chuck will design a plan to help you become the leader you are destined to be."


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